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Robert Fiske
CEO & Wisdom Curator, Chief Executives Guild

Alan Willett did an excellent job delivering a high-value talk at our monthly CEO Wisdom Exchange. A CEO attendee told me that Alan’s presentation was one of the best as he had received some very valuable ideas that he was going to implement immediately.

Steve Watkin
Engineering Director, ASM Pacific Technology

Alan is a master chef and the chapters within his book are his recipes for success. Having tried his recipes I can say the final dish is a delight. Alan always has a guiding manner when it seems all is lost.

Chris Haley
President, Manage First Technology (previously, Senior Vice President ParTech)

Alan provided laser clarity on a challenging problem for us. His great questions, the structure, and his leadership of the engagement resulted in a strong consensus on how we should move forward.

Girish Seshagiri
Vice President, CTO of ISHPI, an international SBA, five-time Inc. 500|5000, Multi-Award Winning Company

Leading the Unleadable is a great addition to Alan’s proven powerful contributions to the field of leadership.

Richard Harris
Executive Director, Predix Applications Engineering, GE Digital

Every work setting has its share of mavericks, cynics, divas and other difficult people… The difference between success and failure is figuring out how to mold these challenging (and smart) people into one team with a common focus. I recommend this book!

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