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James Over
Technical Director, Software Engineering Practices, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

A great book. As I read Alan’s book, I was frequently so taken back by a concept that I thought, “That’s it!”   These are great leadership concepts for managing large organizations or even for leading teams of one: yourself!

David Howerton

Alan’s knowledge of software development and ways to improve productivity and quality have helped me succeed in every role. His mentoring has provided a benchmark for how I approach difficult situations.

Pedro Castro Henriques
CEO Strongstep, CEO SCRAIM, Investor

Alan provides unique guidance on how to handle the personality quirks that become big problems for the rest of the organization. He goes well beyond the reaction to how to prevent the problems from even emerging at first time.

Max Steinhardt
President, CBORD

  For all who are grappling with leadership – either as a leader, as a leader of leaders, or perhaps as an aspiring leader, it has new insights to offer.  Alan’s approach is direct, and his field research really buttresses the learnings.

Greg Kops
CEO, Think Topography

In his book, Alan systematically deconstructs the challenges that all leaders face and lays out a playbook of pragmatic techniques and mindsets for transforming people problems into inspirational moments of leadership.

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