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Thank you Alan for the customized approach you took with my mentoring. I learned a lot and my confidence level has rocketed. I wish everyone could have a mentor like you!

Liliana Cazangiu
TSP Coach, Oracle

Robert Fiske
CEO & Wisdom Curator, Chief Executives Guild

Alan Willett did an excellent job delivering a high-value talk at our monthly CEO Wisdom Exchange. A CEO attendee told me that Alan’s presentation was one of the best as he had received some very valuable ideas that he was going to implement immediately.


Alan's enthusiasm and inspiration is contagious. His constant optimism and true-life experiences were very refreshing. Alan’s leadership showed new avenues to explore, without losing hope in our fellow humans even when it’s not always smooth sailing.

Catherine Sealby


Many consultants have helped our organization. Alan has had a more positive impact than anyone else.

Ed Battle
Division Manager, NAVO N64 (The Naval Oceanographic Office)

Steve Watkin
Engineering Director, ASM Pacific Technology

Alan is a master chef and the chapters within his book are his recipes for success. Having tried his recipes I can say the final dish is a delight. Alan always has a guiding manner when it seems all is lost.

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