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Greg Kops
CEO, Think Topography

In his book, Alan systematically deconstructs the challenges that all leaders face and lays out a playbook of pragmatic techniques and mindsets for transforming people problems into inspirational moments of leadership.


Alan is an incredible leader who moves people and teams to learn and improve the total work environment. Intelligent, chopping complexity into small bites in sophisticated ways, and always hopeful, Alan is the essence of a perfect consultant.

Susan Unger
Analyst - Large Enterprise Operation Financial Planning & Analysis, Xerox

Max Steinhardt
President, CBORD

  For all who are grappling with leadership – either as a leader, as a leader of leaders, or perhaps as an aspiring leader, it has new insights to offer.  Alan’s approach is direct, and his field research really buttresses the learnings.

Noopur Davis
Senior Vice President, Technology and Product , Comcast

Your difficult people are often extremely valuable when turned in the right direction. Read this. Better yet, understand the concepts in this book and use them. 

Steff McGonagle
CEO, Envisage Information Systems

In my 25 years of running a business Alan is the best consultant I have hired at bringing together people and process. He has a way to bring people together to own the issues and make the changes that are necessary for improvement.

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