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Rob Synder
President & CEO, Envisage Information Systems

Thought provoking and to the point. Alan Willett’s Leading the Unleadable transformed how I handle difficult situations.

David Scherb
Business Manager, Software Engineering Institute

Alan is one of the most talented individuals who I have every known. He is a great motivator, project manager, problem solver, and a truly wonderful person. If I ever do another start-up he is my first phone call.

Greg Kops
CEO, Think Topography

In his book, Alan systematically deconstructs the challenges that all leaders face and lays out a playbook of pragmatic techniques and mindsets for transforming people problems into inspirational moments of leadership.

David Howerton

Alan’s knowledge of software development and ways to improve productivity and quality have helped me succeed in every role. His mentoring has provided a benchmark for how I approach difficult situations.

Barry Dwolatzky
Director, Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE)

Alan's book is timely, topical and extremely valuable. Alan's “out of the box” thinking is refreshing, challenging, wise and always useful.  I highly recommend this book to leaders, potential leaders and the unleadable.

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