The Secret Ingredient of Mastery

""Today's secret ingredient is..."" — The Iron Chef

Did you notice the open space in this model? That is the space for the secret ingredient.

The secret ingredient varies with all exceptional people. Here are some examples from people I know.

  • Humor. No matter how difficult the situation was, these people keep it light and bearable.
  • Music. I have met people who hear and see music in all of work and life. They play it, sing it, and somehow just become it. The beat of their music enlivens.
  • Big vision and strong optimism. For these people, a difficult challenge brings a smile. They do things not because they are easy but because they are hard. There is no doubt that it will work out.
  • Great ability to see risks in any approach. Instead of an attitude of wild pessimism these people have the keen sense to find the flaws and also how to address them.

What secret ingredients do you bring to your approach to exceptional?

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,