The Leading Edge of 2017

January 1st is just a different number for another day.

It is also a time of rituals where we take a moment to contemplate and celebrate the passage of time. This year as with many other years I gathered around a roaring bonfire with many friends. We stood in snow and sang and laughed together as 2017 came to our part of the world.

I challenge leaders to rise to the challenge of the new year with the following call to actions.

Lead with a focus on what is valuable and important. It is probable that your inbox is full and the newness of the year may be starting to fade. However, keep your eye on that which is truly calling the best in you and your organization. Focus on the clearly most important and valuable things to you and your organization.

Lead with the calm pursuit of excellence. Calm. It is a place from which great things are accomplished. The leader that is calm amidst the swirls of chaos brings others to them into that place of creativity. From there, enchanting designs emerge, great service is given.

Lead with joy. The work we do is often a privilege and it should be a pleasure. Look towards the distant horizon of 2018 and smile. We have a lot to do. Lets have fun doing it!

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,