The Positive Traits of the Unleadable

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I was a "Rocket of the Week" at It was a fun interview and it is time to share it. Here is a snippet of the interview that highlights where the "unleadable" often have very positive attributes where one of those attributes went perhaps too far!

Mavericks are going to push against boundaries. They are going to question current practice. They are going to be looking at how to really push the performance envelop. These are great things to do. You want these people in your organization.

Divas think they and their projects are the most important things. They work to ensure the success. You want these people in your organization.

Cynicism is viewed as a negative, but it very valuable. Edward de Bono dedicates one of his thinking hats to this very trait. He calls it “black hat thinking” and the description of this hat is to spot the difficulties of situations, of why it will fail. This type of thinking is so important to successful projects when it is in balance!

The trouble is when one of these attributes becomes the dominant trait of the individual. A red line is crossed and the behavior becomes harmful to the group.

This is of course a point where a leader must act!

You can read the whole interview right here!

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