The Data Needed For Decisions

"There is, therefore, wisdom in reserving one's decisions as long as possible and until all the facts and forces that will be potent at the moment are revealed." — Winston Churchill

Some people will tell you that good decisions are based on having proper information, on having good data.

However, not all data has an immediately obvious source. There will be times in your life when you know what you must do but you find yourself resisting those actions because you cannot justify them in a completely logical manner.

I believe that those moments are times when you actually have the data that you need but have not yet fully processed it. You cannot yet articulate it. It is during these moments you must answer the question "do you listen to your inner voice, your inner music?"

Amass facts and test sources when there is ample time to do so but do not let your love of data prevent you from acting when it is important for you to act quickly and without hesitation.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,