Preparing for the 2018 Starting Line

"Running has taught me, perhaps more than anything else, that there's no reason to fear starting lines...or other new beginnings." — Amby Burfoot

2018 is coming. Take a breath. There is sufficient time to prepare with the proper mindset. The following are five of the keys.

  • Mind the Gap. The start of the new year is preceded for most people by holidays. Part of preparing for the starting line of the new year is to enter it with renewed spirits and energy. So the first mindset is to truly mind the gap. As much as you are able, set aside the rush of work and enjoy the pause between 2017 and 2018.
  • Embrace the Potential. In college, the end and start of semesters were one of my favorite academic features. At the end of the semester, no matter what grade I received, I was caught up. At the start of a new semester, there was always great potential. Our real life is never quite like that, but we can use planning techniques to create that experience!
  • Plan for a Great Start. Think about what a great start to 2018 would look like for you. What small or big things can you do now such that you can "mind the gap" and start out fast in 2018? Do those things over the next three weeks to have it well setup for your personal starting line.
  • Bring Others Into Your Thinking and Planning. Some of the most fun races I have ever run have been relays such as the relay I ran across the country with my Rochester Institute of Technology cross-country team. Plan to start 2018 with others who can support you and you can support them.
  • Embrace Adventure. Whether we want it to be or not, life and business is one big adventure. It is most enriching for yourself and others when you embrace the adventure, smile, and say "Hey, lets see what we can do with this new year!"

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,