Care more, know more, do more.

There is an expectation that leaders should have on the people they lead. We should have those same expectations of ourselves when we are doing projects for others.

The expectation is to show the customer that you know more, care more, and do more about the project than they possibly could. Lets break this down.

Know more. If I am asking you to the project, I expect you to know how to do the project. If you don't know how exactly, I expect you to figure it out. If you need training go get it. If you need experts to provide more ideas, go get them. Bottom line is that I expect you to know more about how to accomplish this project than I possibly could.

Care more. If I want you to care passionately about my project the first onus is on me to provide clear goals and the great importance of my goals. So this is a high bar. However, if I am funding this project, I expect you to care about this project at least as passionately as I do. I would love it if you show me you care more. Thus know my goals. Make my goals better!

Do more. Any projects I undertake have risks associated with them. Are they worth doing if otherwise? I expect you to find the risks, to do mitigations to prevent them. I expect you to deal with issues when they come up. I expect you to turn over every rock to make the project successful.

Show me that you know more, care more and do more about the project than I possibly could. In other words, when you do bring the inevitable problems that perhaps you cannot personally solve, show me that you understand and care about my goals. Show me that you turned over every possible rock before you brought me the issue.

Whenever I see a team fail to do this with those that they work for, they lose trust with the leadership. When this trust is lost, often anti-help is sure to follow.

When you do the above, you will establish great trust with those you work for and with. You will get more projects with even greater importance.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,