Tracks in the Snow

Morning walks after a snow fall are a delight for me. I see so many tracks of animals that have been enjoying the night and the dawn. These animals have been here all year long, but it has taken the snow for us to see how very many there are and how busy they have been.

We don't have the equivalent of snow in the metaphorical and real hallways where we work, where we lead. It is too bad we don't periodically get that. I believe it would help everyone see all the work that is going on around them that is often helping our days go better.

In many workspaces, I think we often don't notice the magic of the clean bathrooms, the empty waste baskets, or that unwashed dish you left somewhere is now clean and put away.

We might not even notice the people that stayed up late writing some more code, or waking up very early to get all their email done so they could attend your all day meeting.

As we near the holiday season, take a moment to find those nearly invisible tracks of those that are contributing to your day. Let those that made them know that you noticed.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,