Working Through Christmas

My brother Carl squeezed my big toe until I awoke. I was about 15 years old and it was 4:00 AM on Christmas morning on the family farm. Carl told me there was a cow in labor and she needed help.

We went out into a heavily falling snow and bitter cold and walked to the "far barn." We had an especially easy time helping the cow deliver her calf. It was now around 5:00 AM and too late to get any real sleep. We looked out into the pasture. The sky had cleared and a full moon was lighting up the blanket of new fallen snow. We sat on the barn gate taking it in until the first rays of sun told us it was time to get to work.

That was an especially memorable Christmas morning. However, the working on Christmas, and every day, was normal on the farm. We worked. We also played, ate heartily and on Christmas, even took the afternoon off!

Most of the people I work with now take a celebratory pause in the week between Christmas and New Years. Growing up on the dairy farm has led me to appreciate the holidays and this pause even more.

It has also made me take special note and give thanks to all those that are working hard during these holidays. Thank you everyone for the gifts of your presence throughout the year. May you enjoy your holidays.

A special thanks to you that are keeping things running through these holidays.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,