"Nature is infinitely creative. It is always producing the possibility of new beginnings. " — Marianne Williamson

The daylight hours are getting longer. We have turned a corner to a new year. We have traveled another 585,600,000 miles around the sun!

Let us all start the year boldly. Here are 7 ideas.

1. Keep a Relentless Focus on Value. Rise your head above your ocean full of tasks. Focus on the value of what you are doing, what initiatives you are leading. Let the focus on value drive your setting of priorities. Start and end your meetings with a focus on value.

2. Drive Discussions on Boldly Audacious Ideas. Fear not the difficult for that is a key part of your mission. Challenge yourselves and others to a new level of thinking and doing. Work with those you lead to create ideas, goals, that will be so wildly valuable in both the act of creation and the delivery of what you will achieve together.

3. Find Something to STOP Doing. Not all the tasks you do provide sufficient value to others. Not all the work or life things you do provide value to yourself. What things used to give you joy that are now just habits? Take the time to watch the things you do this month. I expect you will find one or two things to STOP.

4. Walk Boldly and Happily into Your Work. Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew were stranded for 15 months in Antartica. Yet many found fun and joy in their days in those very inhospitable conditions. Enjoy your journey. Find the joy in your days as a gift to yourself and others.

5. Stargaze at 3:00 AM on a Clear Night. Perspective is very useful.

6. Own Your Weeks. Too many people find their weeks overwhelmed with obligations. Start every week with a thoughtful plan. Which meetings do you need to attend and which ones are just an obligation? What tasks will drive the mission forward and which ones are unnecessary or can wait? Most importantly, have the mindset that you OWN your week and act like it.

7. Do Good In The World.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,