Peripheral Vision

When teaching driving, I focus on getting students to master all the basic competencies such that they have the ability to see out the front window with confidence and be able to anticipate the risks around them. My kids all know my driving mantra of "always know your escape routes!"

As leaders, we must focus on making progress. If all you focus on is the risks, you won't leave the driveway. However if your focus is based on tunnel vision, you may miss the danger imposed by the car that is going too fast and is likely to intersect your car at the upcoming crossroad. It doesn't matter if you have the right of way if they can't stop.

It is not all about danger. With the mastery of skills, you are also able to see moments of beauty that warrant a side trip. Today's photo is of a herd of grazing bison taken on one of those side trips.

As leaders, we have an obligation to train our future leaders to master the fundamentals such that they can develop excellent peripheral vision for risks and opportunities. Opportunities can range from new features to design approaches that benefit the customer and the schedule.

Exceptional leadership is composed of getting down the road, avoiding the dangers and finding those moments of beauty.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,