Reusable Rockets in Your Organization

"We just had an incredible day today." — Elon Musk speaking about the success of launching a reused rocket booster

SpaceX has been in the news recently with the successful launch of a reused rocket booster. More successes like this will dramatically lower the cost of space travel. This will also dramatically increase the value of SpaceX.

What led to this success was absolutely key. SpaceX had a number of attempts, failures, and adjustments before reaching this milestone. Each failure was a success as they learned and adjusted and came closer to the goal.

For organizations to replicate this they must be prepared for the same. Here are the keys to reusable rockets in your organization.

  • Clear goals without attachment to the solution you think will work. In other words, have a good idea of what success means. However do not make your goal be focused on your methodology working.
  • Instrument your experiments for learning. Too many organizations attempt new things without the proper preparation for learning. The new thing does not go well, but they do not have the information to learn.
  • Have the courage to learn. Failed attempts can hurt. However they should never blind. Have the courage to look closely at what went wrong.
  • Innovate towards the goal. Tweak your approach. Try a whole new approach. You can even learn that the goal needs adjustment. Just keep innovating.

SpaceX has work to do on perfecting this. And they are looking at what the next opportunities are.

What rockets can you make reusable in your organization for greater value?

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,