Pause Before our Summer Season

For us living in the USA, it was Memorial Day Weekend. Here are a few of my reflections I did during this pause before summer.

  • Many people do not get the day off. I grew up on a dairy farm where even the biggest holiday's might mean taking part of the afternoon off. I enjoyed my day off yesterday and was thankful for it. Thank you to the farmers for setting my table with plenty.
  • Today is the 149th day of the year. There are 216 days remaining before 2018.
  • Preparing for summer is a enriching challenge. I have lots of big work ideas. There is much summer fun to be done! I find planning with a strategy leads to the best opportunities for both work and family.
  • Memorial day is a day designated to remember. I know many that have served in the military. Fortunately, most are alive. Some are not. I respect the service of all. I miss those no longer with us.
  • Memorial day for many is a also a day for barbecue, often called the unofficial start of summer. I was one of the many that barbecued. I find great comfort and happiness in cooking marshmallows over the remnants of a fire.

Let the summer season begin. Lets do good in the world!

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,