Leadership is built on belief

Many of the morning glory seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago are growing quite nicely. It will be many more weeks before we see any flowers.

Driving through my city, I see many cranes towering tall, creating new businesses. The work on these buildings started well over three years ago when applying for building permits before ground was ever broken. It will next year before the doors of these buildings will be opened.

Leadership calls for belief that the seeds planted can grow flowers, that they can bear fruit. That belief is based on the confidence of experience, on research, and yes, on optimism and hope.

There are many things dominating the news that seem to suck hope out of the air. Examples of this include acts of terrorism, plastic in the oceans, and troubling political headlines.

The call for exceptional leadership is happening ever day.

The exceptional leaders I know dig beneath the top headlines and learn about the work other exceptional leaders are doing: the work against terrorism, the innovative work being done to clean the oceans, and the actions that people are taking that go beyond politics to make improvements for the people around them.

As leaders, let us keep investing in people, in doing good in the world, and digging deeper to find the good things to grow.

Plant seeds. Grow beauty.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,