The Double Helix of Speed

"Once again, I must emphasize, it is not just about speed, but speed to value." — Today's newsletter highlight

Once again, I must emphasize, it is not just about speed, but speed to value. The exceptional understand that the true power of their organization is by focusing on a double helix of speed. Consider these two interlocking ideas.

The first helix is the focus on speed to value for the current project. This was highlighted in a previous newsletter about the "Targeting System for Speed" which focused on three of the most important keys for getting a singular product to providing dramatic value to your customers fast.

What really defines the exceptional is the second helix that wraps right around the first helix. The second helix is an organization that is obsessed with learning from the current experiment. There is constant learning that is occurring at multiple levels of the organization. This learning is not just through the pain and glory of experience, this learning has a process that guides it. Data is collected. Results are analyzed.

In subsequent projects, even ones running in parallel, the ideas gleaned about how to go faster are applied, tested and measured in new projects.

The double helix is the key not just to speed, but to true acceleration.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,