Olympian Preparations

"Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work. " — Andre Agassi, Gold-medal tennis player

How does one prepare for being an Olympic athlete? How does one prepare to be an exceptional leader? Here are five common attributes.

  • Exceptional Belief. Even on the days where the work ends with the worst setbacks, hold an inner belief that the work will lead to exceptional results. Get up the next day and strive forward again.
  • Constancy of Purpose. Stay focused on the end results. The work must be focused on where you want the work to lead.
  • Build a Team Around You. Even in the individual events, there are a number of people that are both formal and informal support systems for athletes. Exceptional athletes and leaders have coaches somewhere in the background.
  • Learn from Doing. Olympians put in many competitions before the big events. Each event is a learning event including the Olympics. Exceptional leaders treat each event, minor and major, as springboards of experience to the next level of leadership.
  • It Starts with a Choice. No Olympian I have heard of has made it to the Olympics by accident. Some people have become managers by accident, but those who have become exceptional leaders have done so by choice. Have you made that choice?

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,