Leading Through Molasses

"What is the terminal velocity of molasses going downhill in the winter?" — My shower thought of the week

The other week I drove home on roads that were covered in lots of molasses snow. In other words it was just wet, slushly, and dirty.. It wasn't dangerously slippery unless you tried to go fast. It was just slow and tedious work driving through it all.

The bonus was that I remembered to cherish the days of dry roads.

The leadership challenge we have is to work to keep dry, fast roads for our teams and ourselves. Here are five examples of how organizations can create their own roads covered in molasses.

  1. Creating (or accepting) low value projects that won't "take that much time."
  2. Creating obligatory non-value meetings for others to attend.
  3. Putting extra time in building a long reports to be distributed to many when an executive summary would do.
  4. Projects being aggressively pushed on speed leading to unforced errors and thus lost time cleaning up the consequences.
  5. By not stopping at five examples when you promised just five and you already made your point. I stopped. Do you?

What examples of molasses do you have in organization?

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,