A wet, cold reprise

"Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all. " — Sir Ernest Shackleton

A few people really didn’t like last weeks newsletter which was about the Cold and Wet and Windy Boston Marathon.

The complaint they had “we do not want to embrace such miserable conditions in weather or in business!” They were adamant that they preferred nicer weather!

I expect one of that people who also would have hated it was one of the Boston Marathon Finishers I met while I was in Boston last week.

I asked her how her experience was and her reply was most unhappy. “It was an awful experience from start to finish.”


On one hand, I agree on running (or working) within your preferred conditions. Really, that is not a hard choice.

However, sometimes conditions are bad. We can't choose that. We can choose our response. Be miserable. Or treat it like an epic adventure where we are the hero who will overcome the most difficult of obstacles!

I said this to the miserable Marathon finisher.“I am very impressed. You just ran what is arguably, the most difficult weather conditions of any Boston Marathon in 120 years — and you finished. And you more than finished — it is a day later and you look energetic and you have an epic tale to tell! You know now just how tough and resilient you are.”

I think the reframing of her experience helped a little. She did laugh and smile at that.

To be very clear, I personally vastly prefer warm weather for my runs. That is my ideal! Thus I am attempting to influence my conditions as I have personally committed to run a 1/2 Marathon in the almost always warm Miami next January.

However if it is freezing, I will have to laugh -- that is what happened to me in the Disney Marathon in 2010. It was a record cold — all the water cups had frozen!If I have to do that again, what an adventure that will be!


I would love to hear about epic adventures that you had. Write to me alan@oxseeker.net

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,