A gathering place for hope

"I've never seen a monument erected to a pessimist. " — Paul Harvey

Transportation by walking has been a delight for me while I have been visiting Washington, DC. I have been here to work and talk with various executives and software developers.

While here, one of the most interesting things for me was the difference between walking past the White House and walking around the Lincoln Memorial.

As with my past visits to DC, there were various protestors facing the White House with placards and loud speeches demanding what they believed must be better.

In contrast, the National Mall, especially around the Lincoln memorial is different. Many people are joyously laughing, enjoying the sites. Many people are contemplatively silent spending long moments looking at Abraham Lincoln, many reading the Gettysburg address. All seem to be filled with hope.

The difference makes sense to me.

The executives of our nation and our businesses have the job of making things "better." The White House which is the office of the President of the USA is the place to gather and protest.

The memorials most often represent the people who have worked hard to make things better, and often did. This is a place to reflect upon and celebrate where hope has been made tangible.

My discussions this week with executives and developers have been about the need to "lead with speed" in our hyper-paced marketplace. As I contemplated the differences I observed on my walks, I realized that a big part of my collaborations is also to make the hopes of the executives and the developers into a tangible legacy.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,

For this picture, I am standing at the feet of Abraham Lincoln, looking out from the Lincoln memorial. I cherish this place above all others in Washington, DC.