Speed Bumps

"It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. " — W. Edwards Deming

I am in Detroit this week for clients. When I checked into the hotel, I was delighted to find out they had started using the "mobile key" feature that eliminates the need for a physical keycard to the room.

Ah, I thought, no more forgetting my room key!

I went to the room, opened the door with my phone and then could not turn on the lights.

They had also recently installed a feature I loved in Europe. That feature is the power saver that requires the insertion of a keycard to turn on the room lights!

Now I had to find a keycard.

What a wonderful juxtaposition as a slow innovation was bypassed by a rapid innovation across a large, complex hotel chain.

I applaud this. They were leading with speed! And those leading with speed will hit minor speed bumps like this.

For example, it is rare that I come across companies where they feel their website represents their most recent innovations and services. Most companies don't wait to deploy new services until the descriptions are perfect on the website - they just start doing it and let the website catch up.

Sometimes leading with speed can be messy.

When you're running that fast, it can take a while for the light to catch up with you.

And the light did catch up with me! I found I still had a keycard in my pocket from the last hotel.

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,