Anniversaries Are Important Markers

"Ritual is important to us as human beings. It ties us to our traditions and our histories. " — Miller Williams, Poet

My wife and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.

Even though real work of building a life together happens in the minutes and hours between anniversaries, celebrating anniversaries is important.

Also, this week the United States of America is celebrating the anniversary of signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.

The real work of building a country happens every day at all levels. There is work ongoing from the smallest town to the USA capitol,.

The 4th of July is a day for the USA to pause, celebrate, and recommit ourselves to the ideals of that long ago commitment by the founders.

Anniversary celebrations set a marker in time to remind ourselves where we have come from.

It is a reminder of why we started certain journeys.

By creating time outside our normal routine for celebration, we can create space within ourselves for reflection and rededication.

And in this way, a celebration can be a marker that sets a view of where we are going and why.

Of course, it's also a wonderful reason to have a great party, and maybe include fireworks!

Yours in the calm pursuit of excellence,

This puzzle was one of the features of our 30th Wedding Anniversary Party. The puzzle was completed at 3:00 AM as a wonderful close to a great event.