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Alan's enthusiasm and inspiration is contagious. His constant optimism and true-life experiences were very refreshing. Alan’s leadership showed new avenues to explore, without losing hope in our fellow humans even when it’s not always smooth sailing.

Catherine Sealby

John Sammis
CEO, Gorges

Alan is world class. He provided great value to the Gorges business immediately. He quickly understood our organization's needs and customized larger-scale techniques to just the right size for our company culture.

Pedro Castro Henriques
CEO Strongstep, CEO SCRAIM, Investor

Alan provides unique guidance on how to handle the personality quirks that become big problems for the rest of the organization. He goes well beyond the reaction to how to prevent the problems from even emerging at first time.

David Howerton

Alan’s knowledge of software development and ways to improve productivity and quality have helped me succeed in every role. His mentoring has provided a benchmark for how I approach difficult situations.

Greg Kops
CEO, Think Topography

I used to think our competitive advantage was our technology. I was wrong. After months of working with him, I now know that my company's secret weapon is Alan Willett.

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