Accelerate Your Leadership Power

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Courageous explorers wanted for a journey of exceptional growth, hard truths, long moments of introspection, and constant danger of enlightenment. Prepare for blinding flashes of the possible, moments of amazement, and fun. The reward of mastery awaits your successful completion of this journey.

Join Alan Willett for a special Ithaca-area-only opportunity and commandeer the trajectory of your life and leadership with a team of like-minded professionals.


  • Develop a clear picture of what you desire your future to be.
  • Find confidence in your key strengths that will enable you to create your future.
  • Cultivate the strategies and support systems necessary to overcome obstacles both internal to yourself and those the world throws your way.
  • Master a personal process for staying above the noise of the day-to-day to achieve your most important goals.
  • Have clear plans to the north star direction you desire.


This program is a collection of methods aimed to deliver a unique experience that will enable you and the other participants to accelerate your leadership power.

  • Tailored guidance. Alan will share with you his Accelerate Your Leadership Power™process, and help you customize it to your unique situation and needs.
  • Growth circle. Become a member of a local "growth circle" where everyone will help tackle each others' most complex challenges, problems, and opportunities together.
  • In-person workshops. Alan will lead six two-hour workshops every 4 to 6 weeks. They will be experiential in nature, where participants practice the skills and gain real-time feedback and support from Alan and the group.
  • Guided assignments. Between workshops, receive materials and complete assignments designed specifically to provide the insights and support for developing your personal growth engine.
  • Accountability partners. One of the keys to leadership growth is having a trusted partner whom can keep you accountable. Alan will work with you to find accountability partners that provide the support you need.

Support forum. Alan will host an online forum to try out ideas, ask questions, and seek support. The forum will be a safe place just for members of your growth circle.


  • The leadership sweet spot: how to find yours and grow its size and power.
  • Define the future you want in a tangible, motivating way that guides your planning.
  • Supercharge your energy. Focus your time to get overcome the obstacles to your goals.
  • Develop powerful personal systems that support you and your path.
  • Create personal plans that are tangible and achievable.
  • Manage your personal plans to ensure they stay motivating and useful.
  • Improve the ability to improve. (Read this one twice!)
  • Learn how to add the WOW factor!
  • Master a process to refresh and renew your plans to keep your momentum strong.


Alan is one of the best consultants in the world. He has coached me and mentored me long before the “Mentor Coaching” concept was around. Any organization who engages Alan is lucky to experience his magic. — Said Nurhan

Thank you Alan for the customized approach you took with my mentoring. I learned a lot and my confidence level has rocketed. I wish everyone could have a mentor like you! — Liliana Cazangiu

Alan is an incredible leader who moves people and teams to learn and improve the total work environment. Intelligent, chopping complexity into small bites in sophisticated ways, and always hopeful, Alan is the essence of a perfect consultant. — Susan Unger

Alan has demonstrated a finely-tuned ability to perceive what we really need to understand and execute on in order to improve. He has proven over and over again that he will listen deeply and collaborate for optimal success -- magic happens! — Mer Boel

Alan has been a wonderful mentor coach to me. He has always proactively guided me and given great advice in challenging situations that I have faced. He doesn’t just provide answers, but shows how to apply critical thinking to complex situations. – Carl Wywra

Alan's enthusiasm and inspiration is contagious. His constant optimism and true-life experiences were very refreshing. Alan’s leadership showed new avenues to explore, without losing hope in our fellow humans even when it’s not always smooth sailing. — Catherine Sealby


Option 1: $900

  • Option 1 is the Ithaca Growth Circle offering as detailed above.
  • This is a special offering for my Ithaca community – my corporate international offerings are typically $2,000 - $3,000 for this value.
  • This also includes copies of Alan's books.

Option 2: $2,500

Option 2 includes the Ithaca Growth Circle with the following additional value.

  • Personal coaching sessions. Alan will provide up to six personal coaching sessions. This is in addition to the workshops and the online forums.
  • Unlimited support for the 6 months of the program. Alan will provide unlimited access to support your needs. He will answer all calls within 2 hours during normal business hours and answer calls outside business hours rather quickly as well! He will provide document review within 24 hours.


Our work will begin as soon you register and pay.

The workshops begin as soon as we have at least 6 participants. (Two have already committed.)

Become part of the Ithaca Growth Circle today! (Go To Store to Purchase:


  • Is there a limit to how many can participate in a circle?
    • Yes. We limit this to a maximum of 10 participants per circle. This ensures the level of direct support and group trust level needed for best learning and enjoyment.
  • How much time do I need to commit for this program?
    • The program is right-sized for busy people. People make great progress with as little as 2 hours per week on the work Alan is suggesting.
    • Often the assignments Alan gives fit with the work you are already doing. His suggestions give you a new view of the work, and the world.
    • People that put in more time can move faster. Alan will help you set the pace right for you.
  • I can't do this right now, but I want to soon. Can I be put on a waiting list?
    • Yes. Email with the subject line: AYLP Waiting List Request
  • More questions about the program?
    • Contact Alan. Send him and email at and Alan will set up time with you to answer any questions or concerns.