The Edge Mentoring Program

'The Edge' is a coaching and mentorship program developed to help leaders accelerate their learning curve while also improving their life-balance.

Designed to fit your busy schedule, The Edge is a remote coaching program via phone, video-conference and e-mail. In person meetings are possible by special arrangement.

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The Edge program focuses on leaps in skill in the following areas

548cc2015fb211f168406707_rocket_SSGlyphish-Outlined.svg Thinking Big. Thinking Strategic.

Think beyond the short term for both yourself and your organization. 

548cc2e0ab0c60ef6885532e_gameplan_SSGlyphish-Outlined.svg Pragmatic Planning

Develop highly effective  methods for developing short and long term planning.

548cc2105fb211f168406708_footsteps_SSGlyphish-Outlined.svg Pragmatic Implementation

Ensure you are producing high quality work and products that support long term goals.

548cc2375fb211f168406709_bullseye_SSGlyphish-Outlined.svg Better Results for Less Effort

We can’t get more time in the day, we can get better results and balance with less effort.

548cc2425fb211f16840670b_signpost_SSGlyphish-Outlined.svg Leadership

Adopt the language and mindset for exceptional leadership.

548cc273ab0c60ef6885532a_earth_SSGlyphish-Outlined.svg The World of Software Development

This mentor program applies to individuals inside and outside the world of software.

“Alan's enthusiasm and inspiration is contagious. His constant optimism and true-life experiences were very refreshing. Alan’s leadership showed new avenues to explore, without losing hope in our fellow humans even when it’s not always smooth sailing.”

—Catherine Sealby

Edge Program Levels

Level 1: Guided Improvement

In this option, Alan will mentor you through the development and execution of a 6-month skills improvement plan.

Alan will provide the guidance and assistance you will need to develop your improvement goals and the plan to achieve or exceed them.

'Guided Improvement' kicks off with two 3-hour sessions with Alan.

Alan will help you understand your situation, set aggressive goals, and develop a plan to achieve them. During the 6-month period you are following your plan, you will have full access to Alan via email or phone to cover questions on any of the areas agreed to in the your plan.

Alan will respond to most questions within 2 hours and all questions within 24 hours.

Level 2: Intense Collaboration

This option is for you if you are truly committed to raising the bar and taking ownership of your work experience and performance.

'Intense Collaboration' is proactive accelerated coaching. It is based on the developmental needs of the client, established metrics for improvement, and clear timelines for accomplishment.

  • An intense one day kick off session during which we will develop Your key objectives for the next 6 months.
  • Your metrics for success
  • Your timeline with clear deadlines and motivating milestones
  • Mandatory weekly phone calls
  • Additional meetings as we deem appropriate
  • Unlimited questions (via e-mail or phone)
  • Unlimited review of work Intense mid-term check in
  • Close out session

'Intense Collaboration' is proactive accelerated coaching. It is based on the developmental needs of the client, established metrics for improvement, and clear timelines for accomplishment.

Level 3: Coaching Your Circle

An individual who wants to change behavior and performance is challenged by coworkers who expect the same behavior as before. This option ensures collaboration with key coworkers and includes the following elements:

You select up to five people to be your circle of collaborators. This can be people who work for you, people you work for, peers, or even customers.

The improvement journey will begin with a 360 degree feedback session:
  • Alan will interview the circle of collaborators.
  • Alan will consolidate the results and ensure no specific feedback is traceable to individuals.
  • Alan will review the findings in depth with you. These findings will be key to developing your improvement plans.
  • Alan will work with you to review key parts of your improvement plan with your circle of collaborators.
  • Alan will be available for unlimited phone calls and emails with your circle.
  • Alan will follow up with the circle when appropriate to help you achieve your goals.
  • Alan will conduct a second 360 degree feedback session near the end of the program to examine progress.